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A extremely beautiful and lovable girl who is very talented and intellegent. She is very musical and has a great singing voice, but Grace sometimes lacks self-confidence and doesn't believe that she can achieve what she wants to, she can. Grace is a brilliant listener and gives great advice for friendship or boy problems! But she needs someone to listen to her and give her advice. If you have a Grace you are very lucky , use her wisely, encourage her and give her advice as she needs someone to listen to her once in a while !
" Grace is gorgeous, why can't I be like her?"

" because your not a grace, your gorgeous in your own way!"
by grace big sister who loves her September 10, 2016
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the most amazing girl to every walk the planet. she is god's gift to the earth. she is so kind, beautiful, smart, loving, comforting, and caring to everyone she meets. she is very hilarious and can make you laugh even on your saddest day. she has a magnificent personality and such an exceptional heart.
girl* i wish I was more like grace. other girl* me too. she's so amazing.

boy* man, grace is so gorgeous.
other boy* I know right. I wish she was my girlfriend.
by MAKNGITRAIN December 16, 2014
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a really good friend. she can be really annoying at times, but you're forced to love her anyways because you cant stay mad at her for more than a couple seconds. she's one of your best friends, and you can trust her with any of your secrets. you wouldn't trade her for the world. if you have a Grace in your life, you're very lucky.
"I made a new friend, she's such a Grace!"
"OMG lucky!! I want to meet her!"
by swagilicious1234 January 28, 2014
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1. A female name
Grace is a naturally beautiful, quiet, slightly awkward, yet graceful girl who is difficult to get to know. She's very sweet, and she's a good girl, so she doesn't drink, hook up with guys, do drugs, smoke, or party. She's also fiercely independent and strong. However, she does want true love, and she's not interested in romance just for the sake of it. She wants the love of a soulmate. Grace is intelligent, but she's not good at everything. Grace has a natural talent for singing and language arts, but she struggles with math and science. Sometimes, she can be annoying when she is self-critical and critical of others, but she usually means well and wants to improve herself or someone else. However, she's always quick to realize her mistakes and apologize to those she's hurt. No one can stay mad at her for too long because she's very sincere and humble.
Grace is a quiet good-girl, and she's a refreshing change from all those obnoxious, nasty two-faced bitches.
by AliceKettle July 27, 2014
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Grace is a girl who is very sweet and charming. She is gorgeous even though she thinks there is a lot of flaws about herself! She doesn't like to be alone and want to know that people she's close to will always be there for her. She is cute and funny and easy to talk to though she can be attached to people she's close to. She can be graceful but tough at the same time. She can make jokes but won't mean any harm and if one of her closest friends are crying she wil comfort and be ready to get the shovel for their grave. Try not to anger her though because she can be really scary sometimes.... She knows she has a lot of flaws but accepts them and tries to get better. Grace is comfortable with talking to guys, though when she is with the guy she likes, she can get a bit nervous and red, but can cover up pretty quickly. She is beautiful without makeup, and looks pure, cute, sexy, and lovable.
Dude danggg I think I'm falling in love with Grace.

Really?! No I can't steal my girl!

She is such a grace
by Wassupdude98 March 17, 2016
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Grace is so wonderful, it is hard to

find the words to describe her.

She is to be truly beautiful reflecting

an unparallel sense of eternity.

This Amazing Grace
by Lala Comucha October 09, 2011
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A VERY pretty girl who is helpful. Boys want her SOOOOO bad and she is so pretty, but finds one guy who she really loves and wont ever leave him.
Guy 1: Whoa! Is that Grace?!
Guy 2: Yeah dude, she is super hot, you should ask her out.
by @YourMom123456789 February 01, 2017
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