no definite definition yet everyone says it. It's become more of a compliment than a description of a couple. Or at least a form of approval for the said couple.
You and her make such a cute couple.
by SiPhuYoda February 28, 2006
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a couple that is admired by others, they are a CUTE couple; perfect for each other in every way and do everything they can to uplift each other.
girl- isabella and joseph are such a cute couple, right?
boy- the cutest! they compliment each other so well.
by englishlover444 June 24, 2022
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A couple that are so cute together, you wish you were in a relationship like that. They often look happy to be with each other, and nothing could go wrong for them.

Girl #1: Aren't James and Milly such a cute couple?
Girl #2: Yeah, nothing could go wrong for them!
Girl #£: I'm so jealous, I'd like a relationship like that.
by HappyGirl1993 October 22, 2010
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A couple that works well and will last forever
Trinty and Justin are perfect together and they are a cute couple
by February 7, 2015
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R+ j is the cutest couple if you break them up they will come for you.They are kinda shy but still love each other and make each other happy there gonna stay together forever
Hailey:who is that?
Jayden:that’s my girlfriend she’s really hot c
Cute couples
by I don’t even knwo November 17, 2019
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