"Dude, I'm high as fuck. I wonder what the urbandictionary says about being high as fuck"
by Billy B Bill March 27, 2008
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You are, aren't you. Come on, no one looks up high as fuck on the computer unless they are.
by ImAshroom May 31, 2008
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person #1: "Dude where the fuck am I?"
person #2: "We are chasing a poptart through a forest dude."
person #1: "Well when the fuck are we gonna catch it because i got the munchies like a mutherfucker."
person #2: "We are high as fuck."
by necro April 23, 2005
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Have you ever watched the sun go down?
And you're thinking bout' the world spinning round
Have you ever been high as fuck?

You're in the bathroom mirror talking to yourself
And your dog's looking at you like you need help
Have you ever been high as fuck?

And then you feel your heart pumping really fast
And you're convinced that you're gonna have a heart attack
Have you ever been high as fuck?

You close your eyes and you're on a chicken farm
The only problem's that the chickens have human arms
You say "that's fucked up, why do the chickens have human arms?"

You need snacks so you walk to the corner store
But you're scared because you think that they will know you're high
So you walk around the block to buy some time

You finally decide to go into the store
But you're so high you don't know why you're there anymore
So you just buy a pack of gum and get the hell out of there

You're walking home and you're mouth is dry
You should have bought some juice and snacks
But you were too high

Thinking 'bout ketchup chips
And for some reason the game battleship
Part of "High As Fuck" by Jon Lajoie.
by alice J F August 15, 2010
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A physical state in which one's head may feel light as a feather or heavy as a stone. All fine motor skills are surrendered to the illegal substance by way of deep-frying one's brain in THC and the person may either begin talking at an extremely fast rate or be rendered a "vegetable," a useless human unable to physically maintain a conversation or their sanity. This state will only be seen in a subject when they have smoked copious amounts of marijuana. Being "high as fuck" cannot be imitated by fakers who take a single bong rip and claim to be "high as fuck," but instead can be achieved by either:
a)If a Bong is available-->Lighting up a bong bowl and sprinkling the keef THC crystals on top of some AAA grade weed
b)If a Bong is not handy--> Rolling and smoking at least 2.5 blunts per capita. Blunts are not to be confused with spliffs, J's or Joints; Blunts are rolled using strictly weed, and must be conical is shape and at least 3 inches long, not including the length roach.
Obviously, Vancouver weed (aka BC Bud) will help one achieve this desired effect while conserving their stash.
Ben: "Yo' Paul... check out this half ounce stash of White Dolphin Kush I just snagged for a cool 100 bones."
Paul: "FUCK MY GOD dude! Let me break out my 3 foot bong and take rips while we listen to some gangsta' shit."
Ben: "Thats Boss. Im gonna smoke the whole bag and on the last hit we'll use the entire keef."
Paul: "Thats Boss. We're gonna be High as Fuck until tomorrow afternoon."

Ben: "Stop being such a rookie and help me finish this bag of Boss weed...."
Paul: "mfhgpedffggggggg." (Starts drooling slightly)
Cyrus: "Ahahaha Paul is High as Fuck."
by Ben. Boss. February 1, 2009
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1.To statement used to describe ones incredibly stoned condition due to massive THC intake from marijuana
by Nick Sasiain December 18, 2007
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1. An instance of sexual intercourse performed in a mountainous region that is usually accompanied by an intense over-bearing shame inflicted on the participants by the conservative views of the society in which they live. It is also usually directly preceded by stream fishing.
You have no idea how bad it gets! I'm not you... I can't make it on a coupla high-altitude fucks once or twice a year!
by marcasmedia March 29, 2009
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