That party was so wasbian.
You look in a very wasabi mood today.
Let's go out and wasabi tonight!
by Pickled Feet October 25, 2007
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Wasabi means to give oral sex to an asain male.

The link between the two is that wasabi is a common spice used much in Asain countries and for many others a very unpleasurable, unbearable taste...much like an Asain male's penis. *Use with extreme caution. This word implies that you have a small and unpleasurable penis. Use around friends.*
"Hey Beth, wasabi."

"-What did you and Tyler do last night.
-Oh, I wasabied.
-Was it really that bad?"
by BusRideHumor July 09, 2011
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When a chick has such a dirty vagina that it severely burns your dick for weeks.
Or when you have such ruff sex without lube causing burns.
That chick had such a wasabi vagina my dick is still burning after more than a week!
by N Bern June 01, 2012
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The extra-spicy version of guacamole. Often occurs when a female eats hot Mexican food, drops a deuce, and when wiping, inadvertently gets spicy feces in the vagina.
Torres has been squirming around in her seat all day because she's got some wasabi in her meat wallet.
by Pvt Karssen July 30, 2006
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Group of wild ape men That Run around killing off we sell boxes members. They Constantly hunt Gonga Tomas and seek Advice from Mike Pope. They support Jibly, But not Apex Spermwhale, Because he is the fattest man on earth, and a piano slave. Disbanded in 2011, because Oprah, their Manager, was fired , and they went on a killing spree. 2999 lives were lost. Amen .
" Oh, you mean those Hairy Apes , WASABI!!
by Gabby Spermwhale August 06, 2011
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