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Great cars, great beer, great guns (Heckler und Koch ring a bell?) Great ally of the United States. Defeated in two world wars, but due to a few mistakes. Was divided in half, with Berlin (which was in East Germany) also divided in half. Used to be Nazi Germany, before that the Weimar Republic, before that the German Empire, before that the Holy Roman Empire, before that the German Confederation... etc.
Germany kicks ass with its badass guns.
by Victor April 04, 2004

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means bitch in an angry way like... shut up BITCH (SUKA)
ya teba vshopu ibal te suka vanuchaya, sichka yobanaya, suka!
by victor July 03, 2004

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What this nation needs the -least.- Guns are a way to keep ourselves protected from assholes who are out to kill us for no damn reason. And then, liberals are trying to apply gun control on this great country. We've got enough weapons being illegal to own, and then they're trying to even make it illegal for a law enforcement official to carry one.
Let's show those liberals some "gun control" by controlling a gun their way.
by victor September 01, 2003

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A landlocked European country which has been neutral in many historical conflicts, including the two world wars. Its banks are world-renowned for their secrecy. Capital is Berne.
Switzerland is the neutral piggy bank of the world.
by victor August 10, 2004

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jamaican way of saying homosexual
that man is a battyboy
by Victor April 19, 2005

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Arctic Warfare Police sniper rifle; can be chambered in 7.62x51mm NATO (.308 Winchester) .338 Laupa (8.60x70mm), .300 Win Mag., or 7mm Rem. Mag.

British-made; uses the common (maybe too common) Mauser action; has an effective range of 800m for .308 variants and 1100+ meters for magnum varians. Despite what ignorant people think, the AW Police does NOT fire .338 Laupa; it actually fires a 7.62x51mm round (.308). It has a magazine capacity of 5+1 rounds. It is used by the Swedes, the German Bundeswehr, and of course, the Brits.

In popular culture, the AWP is known as the "ghey" or "n00b" weapon of Counter-Strike. I indeed agree, as it's overpowered. However, it requires more skill to use the Steyr Scout, as it is less powerful (it usually only kills with a headshot) -- but more experienced players use it for sniping, because it has a faster fire-rate and they can show off that they don't need an AWP to snipe. In my opinion, the Scout is the best sniper rifle in the game, followed by the AWP, then by the dreadedly lame G3-SG1.
1) I have an Arctic Warfare Super Magnum in my gunrack for hunting.

2) Why are you using the AWP if you're so skilled, nub?

"iph i'M @ n3WbI3 Why @m i kILL1NG yoU?"

*pwned with a USP*

"OMFG h4x0r!"

"Fuck off, newbie."
by Victor December 30, 2004

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Anthony green former lead singer of Saosin and is currently in the band Circa Survive.
Great song writer and REALLY great singer whose voice can from screams to high notes in a FLASH! His voice can move a crowd.

Also, famous for his performances, because he dances on stage and moves his body freely.
Wow i saw anthony green and his dancing and voice gave me an orgasm.
by Victor November 18, 2004

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