65 definitions by victor

Noun. 6'0 male who plays basketball, tells no lies, has a turtlehead, a wet j', loves halpin and is sweated by cheeseburger chutt.
Over there is a Pumuellin who is playing basketball, not swearing or lying and talking to halpin who is being sweated by cheeseburger chutt.
by victor May 07, 2005
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liverpool uk
type of person
lives of benefits works cash in hand
has no job complains about rich people
wears track suits
generally young
that boys a scally
by victor April 08, 2004
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NOT a democracy. A nation with elected leaders. Could be a fascist dictatorship, left-wing utopia, or Marxist-Leninist socialism.
Not all republics are "free."
by victor August 07, 2004
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A small black jamacian kid with a fat head and freakishly ginourmus and talks with a slight lisp
look at that nsien talking with his slight lisp and his ginourmusly large ears playing pinocle with his fat head
by victor May 07, 2005
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