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Organ whose only purpose is to be removed at some point in one's life.
Todd: Where's Matt?

Charlie: Matt's out today. Had to go get his appendix removed.

Todd: Dammit, what's an appendix good for anyway?

Charlie: Getting removed.
by shoppingcartman January 19, 2011
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This is one of the most neglected and un-thought of parts of your body. (It is also a part of non-fiction books, but that doesn't matter until you need to write a research paper.) Nobody really ever thinks about it. Like the tonsils, the backs of your knees, and the backs of your ears, we don't really ever think about them until something happens to them. The appendix is actually a mass of lymphatic tissue connected to the intestines, where the immune system can collect and dispose of bacteria and other harmful organisms that we swallow along with food. But, unfortunately, the passage between the two is very narrow, so sometimes stuff gets caught there, and it begins to fester.
Hey! I just read about the appendix. It is such a cool organ.
by awesomeisanoverusedname November 05, 2015
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Someone who is completely irrelevant and contributes nothing to society in any way
Guy 1: nash grier is such a cunt
Guy 2: no a cunt is a vagina and therefore serves a purpose, nash grier is completely useless and is therefore an appendix
by umyesoffence August 02, 2015
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