Udon is a delicious Japanese food that is based on noodles. Kitsune udon has fried tofu in it.Udon soup is usually a soy sauce based flavor. oishii!
"Let's eat some udon today!"
by Tofukid June 6, 2006
The infinitely awesome company that makes Street Fighter, Darkstalkers, and several other licenses into comics, and/or posters.
" The Street Fighter IV comic is going to be made by UDON" "ALL HAIL UDON!!!"
by realsilverjunk March 3, 2009
Also known as udongs or umongs, this creature is a complete and utter deluded little w*nker who supports the Milton Keynes McFranchised Dongs. A wind-up troll who's attempts to wind up AFC Wimbledon supporters and other football supporters often fails.
Feck off udongs you muppet
by hf March 14, 2005
A young male character from the widely popular anime, Naruto. He is best friends with Konohamaru and a red-headed girl (I forgot her name XD I swear, when I remember it, I'll edit this!) He is counted as one of Iruka's students. He really enjoys doing algebra, which is strange for any kid, especially a kid that's probably barely old enough to be in 1st grade. He sees himself as one day becoming like Sasuke Uchiha.
Udon is extremely smexy for a little kid!
by Amanda Fields November 6, 2007
Originally a Japanese pasta.

Can be pertained as a guy that has "noodle" arms and is light skinned.
I have a class with Udon during third period.
by KahFeccino February 21, 2016
Doing a normal activity oblivious to the outside world when suddenly, you realize that there are people in the room next door engaging in sexual activity quite loudly. Often results in barricading yourself in your room, horrified and waiting until it's over.
Ahhh! Crap! I was making udon. When's it okay to come back out?
by NaturallyRudeBoy June 1, 2010