A term describing the smell of a restroom after sickness, or the air after flatulence occurs.
That was a real war crime. We're never going to Coldstone and Arby's in the same night again.
by poe February 6, 2012
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See Unit 731, Bataan, Rape of Nanjing, Hamburg, Dresden
The lesser known and crueler ones of which were perpetrated by Japan, the United States, and Great Britain in WWII.
by Kirk October 26, 2004
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Harsh looking skin blemishes- usually on the face.
Dude, you've been eating too much pizza again. Now you've got a big war crime on your face!
by Crevis May 29, 2003
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The thing that countries involved in the war can't go 5 seconds without committing during war times.
"Countries do love committing war crimes during war times. Especially Japan and the USA during WWII."
by Silicosis9324 May 19, 2022
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"Rules" that aren't that important to listen to.
Bob: Hey! Genocide is a war crime!
Bill: War crimes dont matter. who cares?
by SomeSovietBloke December 8, 2021
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You average ignoramus will remember 3 facts about WW2:

- The Japs bombed Pearl Harbour
- Hitler killed 6 million jews
- The Allies won

I could ramble on for years about my WW2 knowledge as I've read hundreds of books by various authors - American, British, French, Chinese, Russian, German, Japanese... and one fact stands out from all - the victor dictates popular history, ie. that which is published in text books, general facts that people can recall etc. etc.

War crimes and atrocities were indeed committed by both Allied and Axis soldiers. The Allies won the war, therefore dictated popular history. Ever thought it strange that Allied troops "didn't" commit war crimes, and those that did were documented were only Russian? That's a combination of post war/Cold war propaganda. Most people never heard of British troops mercilessly gunning down French civilians who were looting dead Allied troops, or Americans executing Poles and Ukranians fighting for the Germans, Canadians executing German tank crews after fierce restistance at Caen, American Jews nailing captured German officers to barn doors and bayonetting them...

We all know what atrocities the Germans and Japanese committed and I am in no way saying they were distorted or made up... just know that Allied troops didn't exactly come home smelling of roses
396,000 Germans went missing after VE day
by Open minded March 30, 2004
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