last remaining place in china where trees exist.
person A: omg cough* i can't breathe!

person B: fuck we need to nuke this beijing shithole and go to nanjing! its our last hope!

person A: (dies)
by theaviribidityofwtr June 06, 2009
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Nanjing (Chinese: ÄϾ©; Romanizations: N¨¢nj¨©ng (Pinyin), Nan-ching (Wade-Giles), Nanking (Postal map spelling)) is the capital of China's Jiangsu Province, and a city with a prominent place in Chinese history and culture. Nanjing served as the capital of China during several historical periods, including as the former capital city of Republic of China, and is listed as one of the Four Great Ancient Capitals of China. Nanjing is also one of the fifteen sub-provincial cities in the People's Republic of China's administrative structure, enjoying jurisdictional and economic autonomy only slightly less than that of a province. In addition, the Republic of China claims it as its de jure capital.

Located in the downstream Yangtze River drainage basin and Yangtze River Delta economic zone, Nanjing has always been one of China's most important cities. Apart from having been the capital of China for six dynasties and of the Republic of China, Nanjing has also served as a national hub of education, research, transportation and tourism throughout history. With an urban population of over five million, it is also the second largest commercial center in the East China region, behind only Shanghai.
Buildings and monuments in Ancient period:

Beiji Ge

Chaotian Palace (museum and Kunqu opera house)

Fuzi Miao (Temple of Confucius) and Qinhuai River

Gu Lou

Jiangnan Gongyuan

Jiming Temple

Jinghai Temple

Linggu Temple

Ming Dynasty Palace Site

Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum and its surrounding complex

Nanjing Ming City Wall and Zhonghua Gate

Qixia Temple

South Tang Mausoleums

Stone City

The Porcelain Pagoda of Nanjing

Yuejiang Lou
by Xufan Cai March 11, 2008
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A naan bread that contains a pubic hair hidden inside of it. Often found in the worst takeaways and mostly noticed just after consumption.
Man 1: Hey, what did you buy from the kebab shop?

Man 2: A naan bread...

Man 1: Urgh! It's a fucking Nanj!
by Kebaby Spice July 01, 2011
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