World War II.

A war fought from 1939 to 1945, in which Great Britain, France, the Soviet Union, the United States, China, and other allies defeated Germany, Italy, and Japan.
WWII was one of the bloodiest conflicts in history.
by loki goes rawr April 05, 2004
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Q: Hey, did you see WWII?

A: Ya, it was alright. Seemed like kind of a knockoff of WWI, but I guess the special effects where pretty cool.

by steve martin321 January 19, 2009
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A war that Germany denys.
*Goes to Germany for tour, get's information packet, reads about history* Man: "Hey, Mr. Tour Guide, your missing WWII" Tour Guide: "No! Nothing happened during that time, WE WERE ALL HIBERNATING IN CAVES!!! SEIG HIEL!!!"
by AnimeFreak-ZoRz January 19, 2007
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Carly, Sam and Freddie kick off their adventure in Japan on a tin can of a plane packed with caged possums and piloted by Spencer's odd acquaintance.
I Carrey I go to Japan is a brutal true story of the pain caused by WWII and the trials 3 men face to keep their lives and their sanity together.
by Taco cat, the February 13, 2018
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The war I am currently taking part in. I fly around in my Gundam GX69 Wiener Plane and shoot all the bad guys with lasers!!!!
White Base55: Beep beep, coming through in my WWII plane! Watch out everyone!
PottyTime3: stop pretending to be in WWII white
by White Base55 November 19, 2004
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Sharing a single cigarette with someone by passing it back and forth after inhaling. The term comes from WWII soldiers who had limited quantities of cigarettes, and would share them this way with their comrades.
Mark: Hey, can I bum a cigarette off you?
Jon: Eh, I only have one left. Want to smoke it WWII-style?
by JMoles October 25, 2014
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