731 Means I Love You

7 Letters
3 Words
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by BrittanyR July 15, 2006
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731 is the number of a covert Japanese military medical unit that existed during WW2. The unit engaged in human experimentation, shortly before being destroyed when the war was ending.
Hey what was that Japanese military unit that existed during WW2?

by AdaptiveDude July 14, 2022
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Hate can be use just as a other word for love . (Strong emotion)Ashley (just random name UD has nice definition on it) Eunice ( cause is the sweetest thing my lips ever said )
Is Johnny ( y cause UD has some difination as well for that name that I like )
731 . I want everything with you . When u said I don't want any of this . All I was thinking was dam she took the words right out my mouth.
I hate and love you so much .
I can write and write.but I think u get it . All I see is you . Everywhere n everything. I just hate my self that I can't be happy anymore , that I have no control of my emotions anymore .

I can't wait to see u . I going to tell u how I feel regardless of what what happens regardless of f how u react cause I need to tell you my heart is your . It really is . Cause I have. So much and still I feel in complete but when u look at me , my world goes up in flame . I loose all though . I go breathless. I miss u so much it physically pain me . And that's what I hate cause the guy ur talking too giving all ur attention , he fine. And I not judging u for anything.

And I know my situation so yea I m really not judging . I just sit here everyday thinking about you and wishing it was easier for me to forget you. To forget this love I have to come known and grow for you. I need it to stop , I m loosing everyday peice of my sanity , my dignity , my respect . My self love. Everything I m loosing every day because I m love with you . Ur name mean good victory. Where is it I don't see it. I just see pain . I put my self through because of the love I have for you .
by Travelers September 19, 2022
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Team that compted in MATF Hakaton, but was destined to fail due to MATF's inability to organize a damn competition. They finished in 35th place.
My shoe size is bigger then the sum of the entire Tim Error 731 IQ points!
by MasterBS March 30, 2021
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