Well see it’s always hard to find one of these, you know they are very rare ,but once you find one don’t let them go. Allie’s are pretty,sweet,kind, and will never let you down. They keep you up even if there down. Dont ever let go of one of them if you find one of them just know that they are special and can make u happy no matter what mood and they will never forget you no matter what fight what breakup or what ever problem. They will always love you for who you are. Remember that 😁
Allies well you know there hard to find once you find one don’t let go cause they are there for you always.
by You are loved ❤️ November 6, 2019
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Girl who are named Allie:
- Sweet and Nice.
- Amazing smile.
- A is for awesome. L is for Loveable, L is for Lucky guy that gets her, I is for I wish i was her, E is for everyone loves her!!!!!
- Usually skinny. Not fat.
- Most Allie's are very gorgeous but dosen't know it.

- Usually brunette sometimes blonde.
- Are normally very very good at sports.
- Have lots of friends.
- Super cute.
"Allie is super cute, always smiling and making you laugh. Everyone needs an Allie in their life!"
by Jacksnack April 20, 2013
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She's the most beautiful girl in the world! Allie is a great person and is a ton of fun to be around. Allies are the best kissers and are the cutest girls around. If you have an Allie in your life don't let her go because she might be the best thing that will ever happen to you
Damn, I really need an Allie in my life.
by Brandon Evan Thomas October 26, 2013
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Alli is one of the most caring people you will meet. She always has a smile on her face and can brighten your day just by flashing a smile. She is extremely pretty yet she doesn't know it. She has many friends, and many people wish to be her friend. Alli is always laughing herself and making others laugh with her great sense of humor. She always puts others before herself and Is always willing to have a great time. Alli is someone everyone needs in their life.
Girl #1: Hey who's that new girl you were talking to?
Girl #2: That's Alli
Girl #1: She's so pretty, I wanna be friends with her!
Girl #2: Yeah and she's funny too!
by aiarrobino7 September 20, 2014
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yo man that girl is sassy af!
yeah man, that's an Alli!
by ALLIIIIIII October 12, 2017
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Allie's are always there for you, and sometimes they will trust a person way too much. It's easy to forget that Allie can be hurt to. So protect your Allie. They will always be there for you. Making you laugh, giving you hugs when you are hurt, loving you like you are the only thing in the world. Just don't forget. Allie can break too.
Stephanie- "Allie! Talk to me!"

Allie- "Shh young grasshopper. Patience."
by SmurfyAYE April 27, 2016
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Ally is a girl that is so incredible, a description can't be put into words. A person who is so completely selfless it's almost ridiculous. A person who is so beautiful both inside and out. A person with a heart bigger than Texas. A person who is so deep that she can make you contemplate your entire being with just one sentence. A person who has a certain enjoyment of donuts and Milkduds. A person who is extremely thoughtful and kind. A person so loyal and honest. A person you should make your girlfriend...in a hurry. Ally's are not basic at all and are one in a million kind of girls. Treat them right and don't take them for granted.
OMG that girl is so beautiful who is she?
That's Ally.
by Donuts2425 March 30, 2016
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