Very hip. "in". "Happenin' yo'"
Not a 14th century pike.
"You are vouge dude"
"You calling me a 14th century pike?"
"no no man"
"okay i was this close to telling on you <--->"

The end.
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to pose in such a way, that you belong in the magazine, VOGUE.
"Like, oh my god. She is totally vouging in that picture! She is soo gorgeous, she is most definatly model material."
by naturalvouger May 25, 2006
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Wearing clothes with the labels still tagged to'em. Hip? Guess not.
Vouging is similiar to fashioning: to wear certain clothes for long spans of time to make a fashion statement.
by hammer---;, hytham April 12, 2007
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A dance popularized by singer Madonna, which involves waving your hands around in fancy ways. Much like Madonna herself, the dance is also incredibly popular amongst the LBGT community
You call that dancing? Girl, let me show you the Vouge and THEN we'll see what you got
by Metallicajunkie October 03, 2018
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A big, fat, dirty whore, who has some kind of S.T.D.
i was tipping on 4 vouges, they were ugly, and now i have herpes.
by Mikey8983- June 03, 2006
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A woman/girl who wears minimal makeup (a like to a Glossier model) and has a signature feature on their face (doe eyes, full pouty lips, beauty mark). They have clear skin and always looks dewy or glowing. Naturally beautiful.

Blocks everyone.

Their a player, so playing them would just be playing yourself. Outspoken

Upper-middle class chic soul child with Whitley from "A Different World" style. Great makeup skills and knows how to dress without trying.


You don't know a lot about their personal life. You know they'd beat someone's ass easily.

Rocks a turtle neck.

Only messes with Dior, Chanel, Mario Badescu. Not super rich but not super poor. SHADY AF.
Woke and extremely intelligent in a sophisticated way. Typically has a full or neat hourglass body, with either Afro, curly hair, light-blonde hair, or straight brown/black.

East coast is where you'll find them over the summer at or going to college in that area.

Listens to alternative R&B, alternative rap, oldies, and other mature music genres. Their extremely mature, and are majority of the time single due to their intimidating stature. Rude and strong as hell in the most bourgeois way (like Naomi Campbell and Beyoncé way).

Doesn't become friends with many people and makes sure you know that they don't like you or think highly of you. Doesn't have any best friend but has a small group of besties. Most likely to be the next prominent female figure in society. Has an aesthetic.
Billy - Everytime I watch the "Get Ready with Me" videos from Glossier all the women on there look alike!

Joel - They do! Their all vougeesses! Perfect skin and chic features on their face. If only...
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crager 30 spoke rims wrapped in vouge tires. orignated in the south. fl and ga. back in the early 90's. true players rode these.
man them 30s and vouges look good on that heavy chevy
by bert2 June 19, 2005
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