"Yo, I got on dean's list yo."
"Pose you got on dean's list."
by Quad Tongue April 22, 2008
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verb. to pose.

the acting of standing someone up.
girl: sorry, i can't go anymore.
guy: what? now you're just gonna pose?
by ermishny February 1, 2008
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In the online foot fetish community, The Pose refers to a girl (or guy, if such is one's desire) lying on her stomach, facing the camera/viewer, with her feet up in back of her. The soles of the feet are showing, which is of interest to fetishists who enjoy the bottom of the feet. In The Pose, the feet may be crossed or uncrossed, stacked, side-by-side, one up/one down, soles skyward, soles scrunched, toes spread, etc. The Pose is one of the most requested positions in foot fetish history, and can be found in droves on such fora as Yuku's TheMousepad, Wu's Feetlinks, and others.
"I've always loved Cristina Aguilera's cute feet, but I've been waiting to see them in The Pose for years!"
by Halesite May 6, 2010
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Common foot fetishist slang that's used when someone lies down on their belly with their feet up in the air.

This kind of pose is common when someone lies on a flat surface (commonly a bed) and can't keep their legs straight, so they bend them up in the air, making feet and especially: their soles, visible above the head/butt.

Since this situation is fairly common, so, fetishists are often in the outlook for photos like this.
"I'm looking for photos of X actress/model in the pose."
by ffreak_85 May 14, 2012
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A person who is obsessed with hunting down "posers" in an attempt to make themselves look cool and "real." Finding these people on the internet is unavoidable. Sometimes they will actually give up liking something just to not let other people mistake themselves for a poser! Of course, then they miss out. Cutting of the nose to spite the face, eh? (Yes, I AM Canadian.)
Posee: I love <insert topic here> so much! But it's getting annoying that real fans like me HAVE to put up with those annoying posers who are always like "I love that too!" but they are not really fans like me. I smashed my <insert topic memorabilia here> and stopped being a fan because posers annoyed me so much.
by Ilana May 2, 2006
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Portraying yourself as something other than who you are.
You are not your grandmother you never met, the other people you've been imitating most of your life, or anybody else you've been posing as. You're you, even if you'd rather be those other people.
by Solid Mantis January 15, 2021
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A less exaggerated form of the T-Pose, Commonly memed by TF2 users since most of the characters can be bugged into an A-pose with glitches. Most source engine games use A-poses as opposed to T-poses

A-Posers in TF2 are friendlies who harass the enemy team by surrounding the player in question and spamming quotes.
My Man struck an A-Pose
by A.U.S April 6, 2023
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