The dirty whore is a female who seeks male attention, and whose mood is directly proportional to the amount of attention received or denied. She sees herself in competition with other girls and is undiscriminating in her selection of sexual partner. The dirty whore wears revealing clothing and suffers from low self-esteem.
After her metrosexual boyfriend refused to defile her in the shit-stained bathroom of a fraternity bar, the dirty whore became enraged and sought other sources of sexual fulfillment. Using the pheromones emanating from her menstruating vagina, only nominally sheathed by a thin veil of cum-covered neon fabric, the dirty whore sought to siphon attention away from other sluts competing for the attention of nearby carbon-based life forms possessing a penis and pulse.
by Harry Sedetestes June 26, 2011
Yo look at Jurnee over there nwith Trystan she's such a dirty whore
by Ohdkdj016 February 15, 2018
a lady who has had sex with a number of different partners who has fallen in a pile of mud.
Guy # 1 - "Look at that dirty whore pull herself out of that pile of mud!"
Guy #2 - "Dude, I just had sex with her."
by The Dingo March 9, 2005
Dirty Whore is a term of endearment. Mostly by males to describe their best female friends. Can be abbreviated D.W.
Laura and I have been best friends for every. She is my Dirty Whore.
by Agent_Red January 2, 2010
A dirty STD infected man, woman, or man-woman that sells themselves for sex.
Paris Hilton or Doug Radke

Man that Doug Radke is a Dirty Whore, i wouldnt even pay two dollars to see him and Paris Hilton do a A Grady
by Mr.happystick November 28, 2006
'Cause ladies is pimps too. It's 2009. Mary Tyler Moore has been replaced by Carrie Bradshaw, The Brady Bunch has become The Real World, and Diana Ross can be found on youtube grabbing a strategically placed pasty on Lil Kim. This is not the world our mothers grew up in. Women work as hard as men and play even harder. So ladies, before you get in the game, learn the rules and regulations of being a Dirty Whore.
Girl, you sure did dirty whore it up last night at the bar, was that brothers I saw you leave with?
by DWNumber1 July 30, 2009