Nickname for the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity. Pike is renowned nationally for its size and prominence. Pike may refer to the physical fraternity house or the social organization.
1: "Do you know what fraternity he's pledging?"
2: "Yeah, he's pledging Pike"
by dekcirbed December 24, 2006
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We got about a good two hours on the pike left, we better stop at sbarro to break up the trip.
by james labocki June 24, 2004
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(verb) the casual use of excessive force
Upon seeing them sitting there peacefully in solidarity the law enforcement officer piked them.
by Pizza Dan November 23, 2011
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a dirty hoe; only fucks with other races besides own.
look at that trick ass pike walking down the street tryna make a dollar
by unavailable3 April 5, 2007
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Pain that you like.
"Dude, these mushies are so pike."

"Playing with a wobbly tooth because, even though it hurts, it feels too damn good."

by pope2108 May 10, 2007
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To attribute, or misattribute something or someone according to a first impression.
I met Jones at a party last week and I piked him as a slacker, but I talked to him again yesterday and found out he is a hard worker.
by LorettaC January 15, 2012
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