A spot on ur face considered to be an attractive feature
Was Marilyn Monroe's famous beauty mark real or painted on?
by BeautyMarked January 05, 2006
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n. 1. One of the ugliest things a person can have on their face.

2. Considered a blemish of the face in Japan.
Your beauty mark makes what could be a beautiful face ugly. Go see a dermentologist and get it removed.
by Chip_Select August 31, 2009
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That girl I met last night had a sweet West Virginia beauty mark on her cheek. She was a like the Cindy Crawford of the trailer park.
by Big Daddy1 September 11, 2006
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The weeping sore of a herpes labialis outbreak located on the upper or lower lip.
I just got over a cold, and now I have a Philadelphia Beauty Mark.
by Celexis January 03, 2017
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A small brown or black dot that can be located all over the body. Where ever this dot is located that spot is considered beautiful.
Sweeto: I recently found a beauty mark on my neck.

Vaeh: So... what does that mean?
Vaeh: OK chill.... what that neck do that makes it beautiful?

Sweeto: ... Its just pretty when I wear jewelry smh
by LoveSickSweeto May 22, 2021
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