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Pronounced 'swimbo': 'she who must be obeyed'. Your wife, dumbnuts! She's the kind that makes you go to SOFEs 'significant-other forced events'!
A gentler form of SWMBO is a GLW: 'good lady wife', rare as a two-talied lizard!
by hammer---;, hytham April 10, 2007

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An annoying affix that spurned from that ever-annoyingest curseword Metrosexual and has given us many annoying words in the process!
Dig some (no laughs back there!):
fucks anything that has a hole in it... be it male, female, bisexuals, trisexuals! Generally can make sex to a knot or go fuck-happy humping mud!
to a lesser extent but switches gender-preferences from time to time.
hetero, homo and tanny.
dates homos, but is a also a metro.
girl that show their 'pashing' in public!
*gulp!* a blood-slurping vamp!
daring male who is well-groomed and loves tech stuff like PDAs, sexy mobile phones, but is neither gay nor straight in his physical appearnce.
bonds over gadgets, cool stuff the other sex buys or is interested in!
bonds on computer-related stuff and has attraction for same techperv-minded people. (A.k.a. Aaron Peckham, the creator of UD!, but don't tell him hammer said that, word!).
Netaholic who 'lurks' as gay, or cybercheats on his/her other best half by making e-sex 'onlone'! Also called leterosexual/ letrosxual.
twentysomething woman who shun marriage until financially secure. (See: Bag-Lady Syndrome).
waits for the Mr./Mrs./Mx. Perfect! Also called a Quirkalone/ quirkyalone.
apply certain rules for in order to get deeply committed in a relationship.
frequents seminars, art centers...for lobecandy, sophistikittens, or just intellidating casually with brainiac other-sex dates!
neat, takes home-cleaniness as a 'must' for any relationship he/she ventures on. Or, can describe this metro in ecosexual.
has nothing to do with plants, but it refers to a male who is like a farmer: tough, rough and doesn't give it
confident, highly-masculine male that isn't afraid to look a bit metro on the outside (e.g. clean shaved face, cool furniture...).
an old, fortysomethig that takes his sex-related tips/ cues and what have you, from metros. Yech!
metrosexual who frequents yoga classes and is healtheology-minded.
homosexual sectarian, or simply marries inter-religeously.
(Those last two defs aren't '-sexual'-ending word thing I know... but good fun to add here!).
the fat people's take on that dirty word! Hahaha!
post-modernist and of course, 'unlabel-able'!
The anti-Metro! Also called Messosexual.

by hammer---;, hytham April 12, 2007

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Feeding fetishism: sexual gratification stemming from feeding oneself or a partner to 'obesity'!
Feederism, also feederist or 'food fetishist'.
by hammer---;, hytham May 03, 2007

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The first is situated between the already-known G-spot and the crevix, on the frontal wall of the vagina the same as the G. The other one has been discovered by sex-geologists (as it befits to call them!), lying 2cms deep into the love tunnel! These 'spots' can be errotogenous if massaged gently by the the tip of the glans , hitting the vagina in repetitive thrusts that point upwards to the belly button.
In the late-90s, a collective area was designated as one whole 'spot' that can produce the squirt effect (seen in hot-squirter fuck-flicks...), by the stimulation of the 'cligeva' (the CLItoris/ G-spot/ Vaginal canal & the urEtha).
The Hindus knew, since the beginning of time that the vagina had many treasures hidden inside it other than the A-spot/ U-spots: Tanzen is a 'spot' that the Kama Sutra talked about, namely the second 'hara' chakra located 3"inches just below the navel and can be errogenous too, if massaged during sex or, gently pressed by the palm of the hand during thrusting.
by hammer---;, hytham May 02, 2007

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Guitar/Baruch Ben Itzach
Bass/Marc Lazare
Drums/Issar Tennenbaum
Rhthym+Vocs./Eli Lulai* (*no longer plays with the band).
Ground: Tel Aviv, Israel.
The most adventurous alterna-band to come from Israel; RockFour started with teeth: their early albums attest a sound that has a dip at the noncommercial side of the r'n'r pool. With soaring Ric semi-acoustic guitars, melisma-intesive bass-drum synchronization that draws from the Paisley Underground sound of mid-60s' bands like The Strawberry Alarm Clock, The Chocolate Watch Band, Moby Grape & Hebrew proggers like The Churchill's, Arik Einstein & Shalom Chanouch to name but a few...RockFour has a radar for authenticity and originality at the same time.
Their music poured balm over the waters of the post-rock scene in Israel that witnessed such great same-taste bands like Jango; being in the tank with them to create music that doesn't speak much as shout from rooftops! The testosterone that was lacking for nearly two decades was brought back to rock music in the mid-90s, injected into the scrotum by the eponymous Hebrew-only album Ha'Iesh Ma'Ra'ait Ha'Kol (The Man Who Saw Everything): 14 tracks of sheer power, throbbing bassline, intelligent lyrics dispersed evenly over near-apocalyptic grooves. You can listen to this album, over and over till you go blue in the logo! It has the same, insane psychedelic mojo of The Pink Floyd's first two albums. A race apart, The Man Who Saw Everything is the best example of pure neo-psychedelia on the 90s/00s beat. (It is no piggie that I'm listening to that album right friggin' now! There're no words to describe it: it's all-that-and-more). Point.
But, alas...that didn't make you anywhere near the Promised Land! The band spilled its first domino when it decided abruptly to switch languages into English, with Eli Lulai's (now disbanded), Lennonesque fraternity-answer voice to the early repertoire. They hit it in 2K with 'Supermarket','One Fantastic Day' a year after and finally 'Nationwide' in 2004 and the antenna went off.
I don't want to sound forward, but if wording survives, the upcoming album is going to be the coprankest of the trio.
We can only wait and watch.
Butterfly Net/Hebrew-only (NMC, 1991)...
"The Man Who Saw It All" (Hed Artzi, 1994)
"Return To The Snail" (Banana, 1996)
Supermarket/English-only (Third Ear, 2000)...
One Fantastic Day (Third Ear, 2001)
Nationwide ( Rainbow Quartz Int., 2004)
RockFour in American press:
-The New York Times:
"Not afraid to wear their influences on their sleeves, the band plays music that recalls early Pink Floyd, glam-era David Bowie and the Beatles, often times all within one song. It's a combination of psychedelic rock and melodic pop that sounds both classic and fresh."

-The Daily News:
"Its sound - warm harmonies and soaring, Roger McGuinn-like 12-string guitar mixed with elements of psychadelic and classic rock..."

-The Los Angeles Times:
"Drawing on the '60s folk-psychedelia of the Byrds (prominently in guitarist Baruch Ben- Izhak's Rickenbacker 12-string licks), the Beatles (a powerful closing version of the Fab Four's "Rain") and the Beach Boys (several echoes of the wistful "Pet Sounds")."
by hammer---;, hytham July 30, 2006

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irritable male syndrome:
Depression/ anger/ fatigue/ moodiness/ anxiety/ lethargy/ low libido/ confusion/ increased use of sarcasm. The feeling of being overworked at 40 and 55 years.
IMS is fueled by gulping large amounts of Vitamin C!
by hammer---;, hytham April 13, 2007

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Aslo 'Conflict gemstones': the illegal diamond trade in Africa by rebel fighters who purchase their weapons by selling these 'blood diamonds' to kill their own people.

New, 'conflict-free' diamond bourses are established now to make sure no diamonds are going to be sold for guns, thanks to something called the 'Kimberley Process' (named after the 2000 meeting of major diamond-producing countries in Kimberley, South Africa), that issue KPCS (Kimberley Process Certification Scheme) certificates and offer other 'ethical alternatives' for those who lost their jobs as a result.
Blood diamonds are common in countries like Angola, Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Liberia. Other conflict gemstones are emeralds alternatively known as 'blood emeralds' in Colombia.
by hammer---;, hytham April 15, 2007

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