1)A person who is in the state of being extremely cool
2)A very close friend
3)A person who is chillin'.
1)"Daaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmnnnn, that dudes a vill like furreal."
2)"Yeah thats ma vill."
3)"Say round, im straight up a vill right now"
by Da Southner January 13, 2008
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Used to describe the action of someone who lacks integrity or honesty, i.e. one who displays lack of loyalty toward a friend.
That was a vill ass move that Tito pulled when he jacked Duane's bills!
by st44 August 31, 2006
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It is a name, the name means that the person has an abnormaly large penis (10-12 inches).
That guy's name is probably Ville, I can tell by the bulge on is pants.
by TheTrustedOne May 17, 2015
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Finnish for English name William/Bill.
Although Ville is from Finland, he does speak English and will respond to "William" if you address him as such.
by Ryan__ June 3, 2006
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Part of east oakland found in the 60th avenues more specifically around 69th ave
Six-nine the vill, whaaaa
by that dozen May 1, 2005
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Back in the 'ville for the summer.
by john June 12, 2004
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Popular suffix often attached to anyword as an intensifier
he's tiredville after lookin' for us around the whole town
by William Warney July 4, 2009
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