adj. Used when asking if a friend is either high or insane.
Manly Man: OH. MY. GOD. I think that is the cutest puppy I have EVER seen!

by PABLO FIERCE February 19, 2011
1.) For real, ie. no joke.

2.) "FurReal Friends" refers to the obnoxiously ugly stuffed animals from Hasbro. Be warned: anyone who finds them even slightly cute is most likely a pedophile.
Is that furreal?

That's furreal, G.

I love my FurReal Friend!!!
by omg wtf no wai October 23, 2008
Similar to af or asf. When Something is so relatable you just want to say furreal (can use it in the way as af)
Girl:Damn Zac Efron is Sexy as hell
Boy: Furreal tho
by diggydudedude March 14, 2015
really, no way, are you for cereal, OMFG, what the eff, dood, the greatest word in the world.
are you furreal?

that was furreal tight.

by emily is the coolest fo sho November 11, 2007
Can be used as a question when asking if something is for real, or opposite of "Surrealism" when stating that something is true.
by trebenga August 26, 2010
A word courtesy of country folk that are intoxiated or high from marijuana.
by HillbillyHell January 26, 2018
Friend who is a furry, in the fursuit fandom, fursuits, etc.
*sees friend at furry convention* Hey it's my Furreal Friend!
by ProfessorLameAss January 8, 2021