Tito is a cute boy and he gets cuteass hoes. He litt and awsome and he needs to be respected because he the boss. Tito is cool and he is always going to be everyones fav boy
Defined : tito is so cute i want to cuddle with him.
by Lalalalcoolboy March 18, 2017
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The proest name on Earth. Anyone and everyone with that name is amazingly cool and should never ever be disrespected.. Ever.
Damn dude, Tito owns us at life.. We should kill ourselves before he kills ourselves before us..
by Kay Ess January 18, 2008
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That Hawaiian guy from Rocket Power who was the chillest motherfucker out there. He was so bad ass, and his ancient Hawaiian sayings were fricking sweet. I miss that show with a passion.
Tito: I don't know, is there fish in the fish taco?
by Tbick69 March 24, 2011
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Getting into a fight with a person that has authority.
Jim man, I'm gunna tito that teacher. He is really getting on my nerves.

That cop just got titoed
by Davedid February 3, 2011
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this is my Tito Jose, the brother of my father
by macean February 12, 2012
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Slang for Hawaiian
Yo man, look at that Tito over there
Fucking Titos
by Lonnie Simmons May 19, 2010
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A large, overweight Hawaiian man, who sits on the park bench playing his ukelele and is nice to everybody.
"Hey man, wanna go see Tito today? I'm feeling down, and I could really use a lift. I'll bring my guitar."
by TBA Tommorow July 11, 2008
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