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A gang residing around the Highland Park area of Los Angeles, California.
A group of anvenues wrote their cholo words all over the wall.
by william joseph hemmington December 23, 2004
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A kid in my class is a water slapper
by jgyhsref January 22, 2020
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An amazing local band from Ogden, Utah. Their style is "gypsy-punk".
Jake: Did you hear that amazing music?
Brittni: Yes, they must be Avenue!
by eraphotography September 21, 2008
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Avenue is the best sister in the world and always cares about the people around her. I would be dead or slightly dead without having her as my sister.
by Rad Sis June 30, 2018
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although it can be other things, im doing this off the name. his name is uniq and his close friends call him bolavard. he is usaly tall and has alot of friends. he is an amazing actor and singer and i suggest him as your boyfriend. he is trustworthy and tells you anything, although he will talk about other people behind their back and is very good at hiding the fact he wasnt. he is not very good at asking you out, but he is good at confessing. if you two break up he wont be the ex that hates you so much and says bad things about u. sure, he will be sad, but he still wants to be friends. he is very good at solving problems. he will tease you but in a flirty sweet way. his smile makes you want to faint. its not very big but its really cute. i suggest keeping very good care of him.
"hey, is that avenue?"
"yeah, isnt he hot?"

"ofc, when wouldnt he be?!"
by whatdoyouwantgoaway June 19, 2021
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avenue can be many things, but in this case, its a name. if you havent met a avenue, you dont know what its like to have a true friend. if u have, this may not be acurate because i have only met 1 and this one may not be the same as urs, but this is what i have learned from knowing an avenue. he is kind, caring, selfless, tall and handsome. he is athletic and a great actor. i dont go to school w/one so idk if hes smart but i have heard great things about his grades. the only other thing thats iffy for me is trust. i think he is trustworthy but me being me i am so used to people who stab me in the back i dont really trust anyone but i think he is trustworthy. he is so selfless its crazy he is human. if he does something that hurts you or someone else he feels worse about it then u do. he isnt very good at expressing love but he will be truthful if u ask who he likes although he never makes the first move. i am so happy i met an avenue.
"wow, i cant believe how nice he is. such an Avenue."
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by whatdoyouwantgoaway June 19, 2021
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