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A married woman's lover, who is, incidentally, a legendary figure in blues numbers.
- Let's drink one for the road!

- No, I am late!

- No worries, man! Back-door man will be out when you arrive at home anyway.
by William Warney June 02, 2014

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you can use this word to express the same of 'without doubt'.
- Is it true?
- Absofuckinglutely!!!
by William Warney August 11, 2007

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Any popular street in a rundown, disreputable area.
"okay theres this couple and they've been dating for about 3 years

but they were both virgins coz they didnt believe in sex b4 marriage.

they decided to get married and right after the ceremony they sneak out into a back alley. the girl grabs onto a fence and pulls up her dress and the guy makes love vigourously for 30 mins they go at it until they sit down exhausted and see the best man has been watching them the whole time.

the best man says: i didnt realize two people could make love

so hard.

and the girl replied: and we didnt know the fence was electric."
by William Warney April 12, 2011

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a command to stop intimidating or teasing someone
back off, bitch !
by William Warney December 09, 2014

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(1030's) term used by black jazzmen, particularly in New Orleans, referring to white jazz musicians, jive people or jitterbugs.
I prefer black jazzmen playing to any alligator when you know it won't do the trick.
by William Warney October 13, 2010

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the Attorney General:

Head of the United States Department of Justice and chief law officer of the Federal government. The Attorney General represents the United States in legal matters, oversees federal prosecutors, and provides legal advice to the President and to heads of executive governmental departments. Each state also has an attorney general, responsible for advising the governor and state agencies and departments about legal issues, and overseeing state prosecuting attorneys.
A.G. is the person who clarifies the meaning of existing laws.
by William Warney July 14, 2009

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Something formerly important that is no longer significant.
My luv fo` her x'ed out! Now ah` only got eyes fo' ya, babe!
by William Warney July 03, 2009

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