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a way of measuring evening time before watches and clocks became common household objects.
In former times people used to read early candlelight
by William Warney July 27, 2009
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A woman who looks for foreigners in the internet or anywhere else 'with passport in one hand and a condom on the other hand' where sex tourism is not restricted only among prostitutes but also among middle-class college students trying to find a better way of life trying to live in another country. Or some of them do it only for the pleasure of improving their language skills.
-Man, she will not look at you when she's just looking for a chance to get rid of this country with a foreigner. Forget it !!!

- Does she not like local guys???

- No, she's just a gringo hunter !
by William Warney November 1, 2010
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you can use this word to express the same of 'without doubt'.
- Is it true?
- Absofuckinglutely!!!
by William Warney August 11, 2007
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(used to give emphasis) bad-assed, high-assed, tight-assed.
- I think it's time to put on a diet! Take a look! This T-shirt is freakin' tight-assed !!!

- Jogging everyday, and also eating a apple a day keeps the doctor away!
by William Warney December 13, 2010
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the first daylight of the morning; Dawn.
Let's wait until early bright and then we go.
by William Warney July 27, 2009
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- Yo, you need to help us get outta here!!!

- Hey, listen! With all the atrocities you have committed throughout your life, the only way you will find to get outta this shitty place here, son, is the back gate parlor.
by William Warney April 26, 2011
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