the main team of any sport representing any high school
If your on varsity, your badass
by ice99 February 13, 2005
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Where that one kid who thinks he's the best tries to get but will never get there.
by Clutch64 March 2, 2017
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Someone who is a total badass and rocks...

They also spout off random sayings like, "I touch my Ngage late at night! - I'm the next hitler - Perform fellatio or die bitch!"
by Vars September 12, 2004
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The act of being on Varsity in any sport however being benched thought the season. Varsity benchwarmers are the top top benchwarmers at school. Also known as third string, and a lacrosse player on a football team
Tom: Dude! I got into Varsity football!
Dave: Sweet! what position?
Tom: Varsity benchwarmer
Dave: I never heard of that position

Tom: Sure you have! every professional team has one
Dave: WOW! thats cool, all the girls are gonna think your so hot since your on Varsity
by Spazmeoutdawg January 30, 2011
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An absolute stud of a pledge that doesn’t let you down. rails lines, an furthermore shits in thou bush. 🧀
Oh look! Thou Varsity Pledge! Charlie Basile! Why is he shitting in that bush?!?!?
by da cheese collector 43🧀 November 7, 2021
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a varsity whore is when a gurl who thinks football players are hot goes to the locker room an fucks all the players on the team (varsity whores pefer the starters)
OMG!!!! i knew delilah was a varsity whore!!!
by pimp daddy dollars August 16, 2004
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the first shot of semen that goes farther than all the rest
I hit her in the eye with some varsity sperm from all the way across the room!
by soho January 29, 2005
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