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Like the term dog, but in Old School slang (bascially it means your friends.)
Ok cats, lets rumble!
by pimp daddy dollars March 7, 2005
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When you are wearing a suit and look good as hell.
After I put on my suit, I thought to myself, damn man you clean up real nice
by pimp daddy dollars February 9, 2005
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a person who deep throats one's penis and slurps up the cum
OMG!!!! I cant belive dat everyone at skool saw steffan being a cock guzzeler
by pimp daddy dollars August 7, 2004
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an insult dat u call sumbody when dey r a pussy, faggot, backstabber, liar, etc. the term cockroach was made famous by Al Pacino or tony montana in the movie "scarface"
hey mang, i dont like no fukin backstabber, if i met a backstabber on the street, i'll fukin bury those cockroachs!!!!!!
by pimp daddy dollars November 6, 2004
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The mean for the word "crack the nuts" is when u stick ur ball sack into a gurls mouth and she swallows ur sack. (much like the act of tea bagging)
when my gurlfriends parents were out of town, i went to her house and she cracked my nuts
by pimp daddy dollars August 9, 2004
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