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a stupid ass activity that claims that it will help you pass all of your classes if you do it, but it really takes away your nights and weekends. but its all good because my teachers harly ever assign it to me.
homework sucks and there is no point in doing it
by pimp daddy dollars January 14, 2005
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Stupid ass druggie who killed himself. Who had a ugly ass wife, and an even uglier kid.
a fucking worthless ass drug addict who killed himself, and everyone thinks that his wife did it.
by pimp daddy dollars January 24, 2005
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a varsity whore is when a gurl who thinks football players are hot goes to the locker room an fucks all the players on the team (varsity whores pefer the starters)
OMG!!!! i knew delilah was a varsity whore!!!
by pimp daddy dollars August 16, 2004
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the exact definition of luck and unskilled bastards who cant play baseball to save their lives, and couldnt even win a baseball game even if their opponents forefitted the game. and even though they beat the yankees that doesnt mean a thing because the red sox have lost to the yankees sooooo many times before. so to sum it up, THE RED SOX FUCKING SUCK!!!
the red sox got fucking lucky, and they still suck at baseball
by pimp daddy dollars January 17, 2005
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a loser,prick, cock sucking bitch, the worst insult u can eva call sumbody
Person 1: OMG, i hate u so much! ur a... ur a... ur a red sox!!!
Person 2: WHAT??!!! o no u didnt!
by pimp daddy dollars October 24, 2004
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Seventh, Eighth, or Nineth graders who are under 5 feet tall and then try to act ghetto, cool, or tough and everyone, includeing themselves know that they most defently are not, and they act this way because they are either about to enter high school, or they are just entering high school.
jits get there asses kicked because they are fucking pathetic ass losers.
by pimp daddy dollars February 16, 2005
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OK, for all of those people out there who think that game is a member of G-UNIT, that is not true. The Game is not, and I repeat, IS NOT part of G-UNIT, (the members of G-Unit are 50 Cent, Tony Yayo, Young Buck, Lloyd Banks, and Olivia) he is signed to Shady AfterMath not to G-UNIT, Dr.Dre and eminem put 50 cent and The Game together so that The Game could devoloup as an artist. And because of this, everyone assumed that The Game was signed to G-Unit, but let me repeat it one more time incase everyone out there isnt clear about this and for that moron "Da King" who put a definition of g-unit above me who said that The Game is a member of G-UNIT, THE GAME WAS NEVER IN G-UNIT, HE IS SIGNED TO SHADY AFTERMATH, NOT TO G-UNIT.
The guy who said the game was in g-unit is a fucking idiot and needs to get his or her facts straight before posting definitions.
by pimp daddy dollars March 19, 2005
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