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(ba-seal, basil, ba-zile)

1. Basile comes from the greek word basil, meaning royality or greatness. Basiles walk with a swagger and everyone knows they got that swag. Bitches make a Basile sandwichs daily without being told.

2. Basile is a god-like person that has no limitations.
Make me a sandwich woman, I am a freaking Basile.
Damn, i wish i had swagger like a Basile.
Oh my god, you took that fall like a Basile.
Damn Basile, that bullet just bounced off you.
by milky juggs May 25, 2009
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a wonderful boy who is extremely lovely, cute, damn fine and the nicest person you will ever know. Pretty much he gets the ladies and looks very nice in sweaters :)
Damn that boy must be a basile because i want him baddd.
by Beeeba May 08, 2011
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An over glutonous being, usually a wop in nature, bearing the characterisitcs of desperate virginity, over eating, perceived but faulty "smoothness" with ladies, over extravagant coughing due to smoke inhalation, and a robust/sloppy figure caused by years of misinformed healthy eating habits.
Hey basile, stop asking me to smell your fucking food.
That guy coughs like a basile after a bong hit.
That guy gets less play than a basile.
by John Zord March 13, 2007
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1. Greek name (named after a spice).

2. Most likely will end up alone the rest of his life.

3. Doesn't take anything serious.

4. Secretly has a small dick and feels insecure. He hides that by picking on others and pretending to be superior.

5. Conceited and belives he's extremely ripped.

6. Too demanding.
Wow, he loves himself.
- must be named Basile!
by JohnBlaven April 08, 2010
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