derogotory stament of pain wished apon an ex girlfriend
girl: you have a small cock!
dude; die bitch
by NATAS666 September 12, 2006
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Someone wants some one to die
by DANGBOIITHICC January 27, 2021
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"DIE BITCHES" is used to break an awkward silence.
From's 1184 comic where a naked guy wants to kill crickets that only chirp at awkward moments. He yells "DIE BITCHES!!" and fires a shotgun blast at the crickets when they chirped.
<Haclon> So?
<Danny34> soo....I'm gay everyone
<Haclon> o_o
by Stephen Ratkovich April 13, 2008
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what you say to people you dont like or someone you are competing with
imma beat you
HELL NO YOU AINT die bitch die!!!
by kysbitchez April 18, 2017
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1. someone who is down for you no matter what.
2. Yo nigga fo life
That's my ride-or-die-bitch right there.
by CandyEyesand KillaThighs November 2, 2006
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A relationship with 100% loyalty and love this couple cares about nobody else but themselves and will rob and murder anyone who gets in the way A ride or die is usually rate but the price is worth more than life itself
Ride or die bitch im all about the paper chase
by Yourboymark March 25, 2021
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