person who is too coordinated for baseball. usually started baseball when they were younger but got bored because it moved two miles an hour. therefore they switched to lacrosse. usually plays football or hockey also. can beat the shit out of you any day of the week.
shit hockey lacrosse player
by xaone February 18, 2010
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fuck whoever said that lacrosse players are fags that didn't make the football team. more than half the star lacrosse players today were star football players too. but they were actually smart and physically fit too, unlike the fatass dumb jock shit head lazy football players who don't run and just rag on others. fuck football
"Who look at that lacrosse player! He's so fucking fast its not funny. He's faster than our running back! And he actually has good grades unlike the entire retard football team."
by huopl June 3, 2008
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Kids that started baseball when they were younger and quit to start playing lacrosse because they were a disgrace to the game of baseball. They are also douche bags who think they are hot shit and lacrosse is the greatest sport ever even though they probably suck at that too.
lacrosse player: baseball is so boring

baseball player: thats because you sucked

lacrosse player: no the outfield was so boring

baseball player: exactly you played the outfield because you sucked

lacrosse player: (tries to get out of conversation) well i gotta go to lacrosse practice

baseball player: ok have fun playing with your shaft with other guys
by lacrossesucksballs June 3, 2009
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Not a douche bag, contrary to prior belief. We just enjoy the finer things in life, like sperrys. girls, nice clothes. AND of course lax pinnies, lax shorts, croakies and a sick pair of shades. And of course mid calves with nikes. Unlike football players, we date any girl who is dateable. Lacrosse players are usually cool in nature, and love laxin. Also. Lacrosse players are the hottest male athletes, it's been proven, ask any girl.
by Lax Bro 38 July 10, 2011
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the absolute hottest people alive....
all the girls want lacrosse players and not any other guys.....thast why theres lacrosstitutes (see "lacrossetitute")...cuz everyone wants to get with them
"i want to be one of those lacrosse player's girlfriends! SO bad
by jack September 1, 2004
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Someone who dresses very prepy(sperry's, club shorts, vineyard vines, etc). Gets all the girls. An all around hot guy with very nice hair.
Girl: that lacrosse player has great hair, hes so hot
by ybasf21 July 8, 2015
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A bunch of douche bags who couldn't make the football team.
"Hey, look at all those lacrosse players showering up after a 'hard' practice. Wow, I didn't know that was legal in this state..."
by Lars Anderson March 9, 2006
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