A third string is the backup to your second string booty call hoe. Definitely unwanted, they're an easy and guaranteed lay.
Fundo's second string hoe was busy pig roasting, so Fundo called up his backup to his backupe. Though he didn't really dig her like that, he knew that she was a third string hoe and that anything goes.
by authOOr July 8, 2006
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Distant contacts when making certain illegal purchases. Usually utilized when there's a shortage in your immediate supply, causing you to have to call people you normally avoid to score from.
During the drought of December 07, Derek was forced to call some third strings.
by Wreck'D December 27, 2007
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When one who is inexperienced and/or not completely fit for the task at hand is given a chance to try it without assistance from a more experienced person, they are being given their deserved third string solo.
Phil: I'll be away Friday, so the intern will have to finish the project proposal.

Clyde: But he's only an intern! Shouldn't George help him with it?

Phil: Oh, relax, he deserves a third string solo.
by MpegEVIL May 17, 2011
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Somebody worthless to a team of any thing
Like cats birds dogs or even John cenas
If you get lucky a team of Cadens
by Shitass69420 May 25, 2019
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