In Australian usage, ordinary can be employed to mean "not good" or, as a form of understatement, "really quite bad"
Frank admitted he'd been feeling pretty ordinary since being hit by that truck.
by pde May 22, 2007
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normal, boring, regular, bummy, dumb, Lucky
Lucky is an ordinary bum
by Lucky N. January 26, 2007
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when you do not aim to flex, but you are too cool not to ; something cool guys in 80s used to do
Guy 1 looking at JayZ: He came and didn't talk about his wife, career, fame, and money. He didn't flex at all.
Guy 2: God damn! Look at him riding those shoes.
Guy 1: That wasn't flex, it was Ordinary Flex.
by propahguy January 23, 2020
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bizarre, exceptional, incredible, notable, odd, off the beaten track, offbeat, one of a kind, out of this world, special, strange, uncommon, unheard of, unique, unusual, wonderful
Moses told the pretty girl... wow Daniela, you are out of the ordinary. you are somethin else.
by prettygirl20olo January 06, 2012
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A fat fuck who claims to be from the shitty state of south carolina but is in fact from virginia. Usually found with a dumb ass look on its face and its hand either scratching its fat ass or its little dick. Whenever this thing fucks up, it thinks a simple "ma bad" will do. Also is not able to get any pussy of anykind even kpa.
Guy: Who is that fat ass scratching his balls over there?

Girl: Thats an Ordinary Seaman , he sure wont shut up about south carolina and he makes my pussy dry.
by thisishowwedoit April 21, 2009
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