The circumstances or events that come before and after a particular word or passage in a speech or piece of writing which helps explain its full meaning.
Context: You are playfully poking me in the side
"I'll kill you if you don't stop!"

Context: You just crashed into my Lexus
"I'm gunna fucking kill you!"

Context: You don't realize that I'm a psycho killer and you accidentally step on my foot while passing me in a chance encounter
"I may just have to kill you for that..." *smirk*
by D-Vo January 20, 2006
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what more tiktokers need before making a video that would make zero sense if you saw it on your for you page.
person one: * posts tiktok with no context *
person two: what?
by About2ragequit November 11, 2020
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no human ever alive has ever heard of it
Guy 1: Woah look at that big cock *looks at a big chicken (aka cock) on tv*
Guy 2 in another room: you what?
Guy 1: Oh im watching this big chicken on tv, dont take it out of context!
by GSA84 April 14, 2021
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When you receive a text massage (SMS) asking you to send money to a bank in Nigeria.
Person 1: I got an SMS yesterday that said I can make £100 comission if I send a wire for £1000 to Nigeria.
Person 2: Don't do it - it's a context!
by lisa_urban May 18, 2008
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today a received a context that stated i could make a a thousand dollars an hour.
by jkentos March 14, 2009
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(v) combo of words conversation and text(SMS TXT MSGING)i.e. to have a conversation via sms
context you later gurl!
by jantheman June 25, 2007
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an extended texting session between two people substituting for a real conversation.
dude 1: I had a serious contextation with Mary last night.

dude 2: Really! What did y'all discuss?

dude 1: The Relationship of course. Guess I'm monogamous now. We wound up texting all night.
by no1sandman November 6, 2010
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