United - Streets - Dopeboyz - of America.

Lead and created by Young Jeezy.
Members include: Slick Pulla; Kinky B; Blood Raw; Fi Chief and Big Dank.
There are more members yet to be signed.
USDA 's tha click!!!
by Raskal O.G July 15, 2006
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United States Dumbledore´s Army.

Also DA
It´s an army. For Dumbledore.

If you read harry potter and the order of phoenix you will have more information.
Phil: Did you know she is in the USDA??

Joe: maybe that´s why she never gets on time to the dorm at night.
Phil: probably
by Caofs January 02, 2011
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Not to be confused with the United States Department of Agriculture, it is the Universal Social Distancing Act (Est. March 19th, 2020)due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Micheal:"Hey what's up?"
by TOMDARAK May 04, 2020
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a nerd who is certified no doubt has the whole package braces and glasses and everything that comes with being a nerd.
My friend Laura has braces, glasses and like to read she's 100% USDA approved nerd
by 50 percent nerd April 07, 2004
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ADJ, (U-S-D-A-cee'-le'kt), Origin: {Smalltownin,PA} 2009, By JR and CT, : 1. Nickname for someone who has an extremely sleek cut of meat or vag, and usually used as an insult on a male. Ant: Nathan's Hotdogs, Kosher Beef Hotdogs Syn:fitte

Warning: please don't abuse anyone who may think your not kidding with this word, thank you!
John: Jez! your such a USDA select cut, why you gotta copy me like that all the time?

D.E.L.: (Wimpering) i'm sorry i'm gay.
by Troupe426 January 07, 2010
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