United - Streets - Dopeboyz - of America.

Lead and created by Young Jeezy.
Members include: Slick Pulla; Kinky B; Blood Raw; Fi Chief and Big Dank.
There are more members yet to be signed.
USDA 's tha click!!!
by Raskal O.G July 16, 2006
United States Dumbledore´s Army.

Also DA
It´s an army. For Dumbledore.

If you read harry potter and the order of phoenix you will have more information.
Phil: Did you know she is in the USDA??

Joe: maybe that´s why she never gets on time to the dorm at night.
Phil: probably
by Caofs January 2, 2011
Not to be confused with the United States Department of Agriculture, it is the Universal Social Distancing Act (Est. March 19th, 2020)due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Micheal:"Hey what's up?"
by TOMDARAK May 5, 2020
"What did I usda get at Subway baby?"
by HAHAHAhahaLOL February 20, 2011
a nerd who is certified no doubt has the whole package braces and glasses and everything that comes with being a nerd.
My friend Laura has braces, glasses and like to read she's 100% USDA approved nerd
by 50 percent nerd April 7, 2004
ADJ, (U-S-D-A-cee'-le'kt), Origin: {Smalltownin,PA} 2009, By JR and CT, : 1. Nickname for someone who has an extremely sleek cut of meat or vag, and usually used as an insult on a male. Ant: Nathan's Hotdogs, Kosher Beef Hotdogs Syn:fitte

Warning: please don't abuse anyone who may think your not kidding with this word, thank you!
John: Jez! your such a USDA select cut, why you gotta copy me like that all the time?

D.E.L.: (Wimpering) i'm sorry i'm gay.
by Troupe426 January 7, 2010