To connect, relate, hit it off with someone.
When I first met her, we just clicked, and we're best friends now.
by Jon G. September 10, 2007
The DMZ is 20 clicks to the North.
by Matt August 26, 2004
A term popularized by BRTankz, used to mean fraudulently purchase an online product.
Friend: Ay got that new drip bro how you got that
BRTankz: I clicked it bro no biggie
by SirTenzin July 20, 2021
To find success. To evolve. To become bigger-better-larger. To snap. To leap-forward.
The movie clicks.

I felt I was about to click.
by ILoveMyMind April 10, 2010
Clique spelled wrong. The same as crew
by Mikkel von P September 23, 2003
1. the incident of someone opening a web-page to which someone else has made a link via hyperlinking text or -images on an internet-forum or -blog or -personal site. (a.k.a. a "hit"), from the same thought-process that calls a remote-control a "clicker" (with the operative object being a computer-mouse)
2. something like "smurf," but more 'clicky'
1. I've posted that link all over the web, and haven't gotten one click yet!
2. The click and I clicked over to click the two clicking click-clickers who wouldn't stop clicking except to click another click to start clicking over there!
by Uncle J MythMan March 31, 2015
in the respective of having a very close relationship with friends, couples or family
or more likely when a couple is known to have found something in common, a close relationship, love, sex, chemistry
one matter for another together.
they share a click with one another
we have met for the first time and i think we had a click!
i think this relationship click's, its clicking! :)
by radomizer November 6, 2007