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A class clown smart but does not use his skills and has horrible grades he gets into trouble a lot he kind but he has a bad side you don’t want to get on that side better stay on his good side he is also charming and sweet he’s just AWESOME period
Brody is Awesome
by TheBeast21HD January 01, 2019
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From STEM, an abbreviation short for "Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics", a STEMlord is a pejorative term for a particular kind of person who has studied in these areas at university or works in these fields who holds a pretentious, condescending attitude to anyone who has studied in any other fields, particularly the Arts and Humanities. They typically believe themselves to be more "intelligent" and "rational", while generally remaining incredibly ignorant outside of their areas of expertise and having the charisma of a rotting pig's backside.
"Ugh, I wish Reddit wasn't full of STEMlords the entire goddamn time."
by nopeidontneedanameok October 15, 2015
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The man, the myth, the legend.

Brody is the master of yo mama jokes, he knows every yo mama home ever told. He will roast yo mama no matter what.
by FuckShitPissCock July 21, 2020
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Brody is intelligent, sweet, adorable, yet he doesn't realize it. Usually going by the name "bb" or "b" he is the most awesome person with a funny quirky personality. Complete dc geek and just geek in general I could never ask for a better friend, he is always there for you solving all your problems and doesn't ask for anything in return. Brody can be evil if someone hurts someone he cares about, I would stay on Brody's good side. Brody is someone you just can't help falling for as much as you don't want to, you just do. Maybe its his good looks or his amazing personality. Never the less I cherish my Brody, couldn't ask for a better best friend.
Person 1: "who is that sweet guy"

Person 2: "oh, that's just Brody"
by IednbcwhI April 27, 2017
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another word for spining donuts in a car or truck on or off road
What a'll want to do?

Drink some beers, spin sum brodies.
by Lrn May 28, 2005
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bro ,brother ,or homeboy .
derived from the jerkin generation .
whuts good brody .?
by redbone baybee August 08, 2009
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