Jez…, he will make the worst day, the best, the world just seem so much brighter. He is the rainbow in a black and white filter. Jez will make you smile until you become grateful for everything around you, to the sun to the sky. He will be there for you when you are on your knees and kneel beside you with open arms. He is loyal, trustworthy and the closest friend you will ever have, he will make you feel like a little kid again. Jez is awkward and shy at first, then suddenly the most comfortable with you, to the point you're both laughing at someone squatting. Someone like Jez is attractive, not just in a hot way, in a soft, snuggle way. He is sleepy with his big stormy grey eyes, and soft all over. His voice is harmonic, like a song writer with a piano infront of him. Jez has a side of him that is so gentle, and respectful, he'll joke around with your parents and thank them for seeing you, he'll offer to help out even when he doesn't need to, his name will be thrown around your house with a smile. Jez will hold you until you want to fall asleep, he is soft, handsome, tall, calming and goofy. He'll play around and tickle you, then hold you close again.
Kiss fights, "I love you more" contests, anything to make you smile he'd do in a heartbeat. When you're down he'll make it his job to fix it, so if you do know a Jez, give him a smile,

You might just earn yourself the most perfect, gentle, goofy ass, fun, loving, friend you will ever have.
I know, because he found me.
"He's no Rhet Buttler, but honestly, I couldnt ask for anyone more than Jez,"
by Didz._.Darling April 18, 2020
That girls a jez. I know, she’d give anyone noddy.
by swagimaamzinswaggeran January 3, 2020
A normally Asian and smart nickname for a gamer. The name varies and most people tend to adore the name.
by Uytzghuol February 20, 2019
A power greedy whore who only thinks about himself and doesn't care about anyone else normally from Asian decent, and somehow is able to see through his closed eyes.
Wow Ricky kicked us all from Discord yesterday, yeah I know, he was acting like such a jez
by RudeGuy123 October 22, 2017
Asshole Motherfucker cunt shit dick knob jockey
What a Jez
by To idh August 6, 2016
A dick that intends to fuck you and your life up !
Omg I hate Jez'
by To idh August 6, 2016