A place for oh so "clever" kids to create breathtakingly unhumorous definitions for various words, both real and contrived.
Poopchute spork thinger - OMG! It's what you use to eat out your dog's ass after he's had worms!!!! OMGWTF!!11 FUnnnYYYyY!!!111
by Belisarius March 2, 2004
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Used to be a good site for reference on urban definitions. Until retarded faggots came and fucked it up because they couldn't have the balls to say things to people's faces OR they wanted use it as their personal chatroom. Urbandictionary.com has so many worthless, pointless definitons which are incoherent and just plain dumb. If you want a definition removed you can't remove it, OHH NO, oh you have to fill out a fucking form which states your fuckin reason for why the fuck you want the retarded definition removed. Even the Editors can't delete the bad definitions that they wnat to, they're only allowed to delete the ones Urbandictionary gives them. Seriously it's a load of Bullshit. If this site gave the editors the rights to delete bad definitions of any sort, this site wouldn't be as crappy as it is now.
(a def.)
James: The hotest boy I've ever seen. He's popular and sweet. I want him to marry me.
James, I hope you marry me and kiss me and love me 4everandever dude and when we're old you'll take me to the prom!!
Wuv U Jayme :--)
(Human Being after reading this):
Who the hell is James? I thought this was a reference site for urban definitions, not a gay-ass chatroom with just a bunch of mindless faggoty teenagers!!!!
by Truth March 31, 2005
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Sucky website that doesn't accept truthful defenitions, because they dont know shit.

website where Stupid people decide to write defenitions that make no damn sense.

Urbandictionary is racist to Good definitions.
When me and him added a definition, urbandictionary didn't accept it.
by mofogees March 16, 2010
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An online "dictionary" for slang terms, with a light side and a dark side.

The light side is, if there is a widely used word, that's not in the English vocabulary (officially), and you want to know what it means, chances are, you may find it here.

Now, for the dark side: poor monitoring. Though you may find the word you're looking for, chances of finding it on a definition that is accurate, non-opinion-showing, and un-hateful are extremely rare.

Because of how poorly monitored the site is, Spammers take advantage of it and post words with definitions that are inaccurate, hateful, violent, offensive, and/or maybe even porn-related.

Fortunately, there is the "recommend for removal" feature and sensible people can come and have such definitions removed. However, the Spammers can post as fast as (if not faster than) those people can remove.

One definition you might find could be as bad as the example below:

(Please note that I have nothing against the television show "Barney". That is just an example.)
"A stupid f---ing TV show about lame, love-dovey f---ingness, like Barney. It is stupid and g--, like Barney. Oh, and I hate Barney."

Source: "Anti-Barney"
by DanMat6288 June 2, 2004
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A user-updated online dictionary that is often mistaken for a messageboard by some of the more simple-minded denizens of the Internet!
"Hmm, I think after I get done whacking off to crudely-drawn furry "vore" drawings, I'll go rebut the definitions of "Slipknot" with a definition of my own that doesn't actually define the word for anyone who doesn't know it already, but that'll totally put those h8-3rs in their place! I'm cool because I use numbers instead of letters sometime."
by Crank September 28, 2003
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1. A website where douchebags come to when they are bored and post completely useless definitions. Most of the definitions they post have to do with sex/sexual acts. Definitions for words like blockhead, dentist, and other words that have nothing to do with sex.

2. Don't mistake these idiots with the people who post real definitions that actually help/inform people in some way.
Idiot: "Heh heh heh I know what blockhead means and it be naughty." >=D "Ima post it on urbandictionary."

Normal Person: "...People like you are a waste of our precious, precious oxygen."
by xNightmarePlague2x December 31, 2008
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a website where 90% of the time people look up words that we already know.
John looked up the word Sex in urbandictionary, Im pretty sure john already knows everything about the word sex.
by ur muthar September 13, 2008
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