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A vintage insult commonly used by older generations. Commonly directed towards anyone that demonstrates low intelligence or more specifically, very low common sence. Grandfathers and Great-Grandfathers of 60's to 90's born generations would utilize this word.
You're such a blockhead, Charlie Brown!
by claytonic20 May 23, 2009
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A major fan of New Kids on the Block aka NKOTB aka The Block.

A typical Blockhead is known for creating their own shirts for concerts and hanging around the tour buses. They give love for the group in a mature, respectable fashion. They will wait in the heat, cold, snow, and rain to have that one moment that is all their own.

The ultimate goal for a Blockhead is to have Facetime. (see facetime)
Wow. Did you see all those ladies over there standing in the rain? They haven't left for hours.

Yup, they are Blockheads.
by Mandy in TULSA April 16, 2009
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A girl who goes around the neighborhood or block giving all the dudes head.
"I know this girl named block head,she gotta block head, cause after every block party she gives the whole block head." *this is a part of a song that's popular in atlanta.
by LOLA B. June 01, 2005
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a woman that is a hoe, blows a lot of guys, after the D4L song blockhead
after the block party she give the whole bloack head
by crazigurl March 20, 2005
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A person, mainly a girl, who gives head to the entire block.
little suzie has become a block head, giving derb to the whole block.
by Pinkie August 31, 2005
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A name for a person who is a DUMB or just an ASS HOLE.

A ignorent person, a person who makes stupid comments, a person you dislike to the fullest amount.
James: Was up Bob
Quan: Moe, Aaliyah got me guhh in 3rd period today.
James: What her nuggetdy head ass say now?
Quan: Son, she went some "Quan yousa cold bitch" off some random shit.
James:Her "Block head" ass.
by cocopuff_3410 December 04, 2010
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Someone who gives head to the whole block.
Yo, your lil' sister is such a blockhead, even the 95 year old dude down the street has gotten head from her.
by Ab27 April 16, 2006
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