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A metahuman is someone exposed to some mutagenic compound, such as in the form of a gas, that mutates them down to their DNA, either giving them a superpower or altering their appearance drastically.

See, also, Bang Baby
Bang Baby (a metahuman created by the metagas created by Alva Industries)
by DanMat6288 February 18, 2005
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James Issac Neutron, or Jimmy Neutron is the 10-year-old boy genius star of DNA Production's CGI animaged movie and television series.

Airing on Nickelodeon, Jimmy Neutron follows the adventures of a boy genius, from Retroville, Texas, who, with the companion of his swiss-army-knife-like robotic dog, Goddard, can invent himself out of any situation. Unfortunately, his inventions don't always work, and it's up to him to save Retroville from pandamonium.

Jimmy has two friends: Carl, the llama-loving portly boy who has too many allergies to list, and Sheen, the crazy Mexican boy who's obsessed with Ultra Lord.

Jimmy has a rival: The smartest girl (but not smartest kid, that's Jimmy) in school, Cynthia "Cindy" Vortex. Cindy loves almost nothing more than to make Jimmy's life miserible. But, deep down, she secretly loves him. He, secretly, feels the same way.
Into the stars
Goin' by Candy Bar's
Rides a kid with a knack
For Invention

A superpowerd mind
A mechanical canine
Rescues the day
From sure destruction

This is the theme song
For Jimmy Neutron
by DanMat6288 December 17, 2004
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Sully for short, top scarer of Monsters, Inc.
Waternoose: I need scarers who are tough, confident, tenacious, intimidating... I need scarers like... like James P. Sullivan.
by DanMat6288 May 8, 2004
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(a.k.a. Monsters, Inc.) Monstropolis's largest source of scream energy. Monsters, Inc. is equipped with an enormous, high-security door vault, state of the art door station technology and scream collecting technology, professional-tested scarer training tools, and a quick link to the CDA, just in case.
Monsters, Incorporated: We scare, because we care.
by DanMat6288 May 7, 2004
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(a.k.a. Child Detection Agency) Monstropolis's only protection from the threat of serious infection from human childrens' possessions... or far worse: a human child itself. (Monsters, Inc.)
CDA Agent: We can neither confirm nor deny the presence of a human child.
by DanMat6288 May 8, 2004
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Aka the Martian Manhunter, J'onn was the last survivor of Mars, who came to Earth to save it from suffering the same fate his planet did. A character from DC comics most noted for being on the Justice League.
"I thought he was going to wet his pants, when I mentioned the Martian."
(quoted from the episode "Task Force X")
by DanMat6288 May 24, 2005
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The richest and most respected man in Gotham City. He is also the dark knight known as Batman.
I'm so glad they created a clinic to help Bang Babies! And it's sponsored by Wayne Industries!
by DanMat6288 May 24, 2005
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