when a man has a boner and it sticks straight out instead of pointing up a little. Making a 90 degree angle with ur body and ur boner.
That guys 90 is sticking straight out of his pants.
by Dillin May 20, 2006
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An interstate and one of the longest roads in the U.S. from Boston to Seattle. Nothing for thousands of miles from Western New York State to Central Montana.
90 is very dull to drive if you can stand to 3 or 4 day drive.
by krock1dk@yahoo.com December 9, 2007
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an abbreviation for a unit of speed, the real speed everyone is traveling on the 75-mph highway.
"Woah! He's goin like, 90!"
"Um, we're goin 90 too..."
by Orion January 16, 2004
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noun: a plan or intention to attend 90 recovery meetings (almost always some form of 12 step meetings) in 90 consecutive days; usually follows form of verb 'to do'

"I'm going to do a 90 in 90 starting Sept 1."

noun: the process of attending 90 recovery meetings in 90 days: "I'm halfway through my '90-in-90'.
"I'm going to do a 90 in 90 starting Sept 1."

"I'm halfway through my '90-in-90'.

"Doing a 90-in-90 will really step up your program."
by racqg October 15, 2007
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The greatest decade in the history of the world.....ever.
Dude, "Rocko's Modern Life", "All That" and "Are You Afraid Of the Dark?" are the most 90s TV shows ever.
by bfish420 November 29, 2007
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When the internet started owning our lives.
The 90s gave birth to the World Wide Web, and the very first internet meme.
by udusers1 September 19, 2010
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The greatest decade EVER! Disagree? Well, what did it give us: SNES, Megadrive (Genesis for you guys in the states), the original PSone. Compare the cartoons & kids shows from the 90s to the crap we have now (old Power Rangers ruled, now look at the new ones). Heck, compare the leaders of the 90s to the ones now (yes, back in the day Tony Blair was actually popular, and Bill Clinton is a better leader that Bush). OK, some music from now is good (Franz Ferdinand, The Killers, etc), but the dance music was way better than it is now! It was a better decade for Michael Jackson (admit it, Dangerous, HIStory and Blood on the Dance Floor are good), Television (reality TV had only just started), Music (OK, if you don't count the Spice Girls, Peter Andre, etc. But we had MC Hammer!) and even politics and world events. But most importantly, it was the decade me and my generation spent out childhood in. Plus Bush JNR wasn't the president and Chavs didn't exist.
My m8: Wanna go watch Fresh Prince?
Me: Let me finish playing on the SNES and listening to MC Hammer.
My M8: Before Fresh Prince let's watch cartoons on CITV.
Me: The 90s are so Fly!
by A L Harvey October 24, 2005
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