from an urban point of view it concerns a smartly monitored city /governed, orchestrated, urbanized, built and environmentally protected/ to use it's urban energy to generate a synergy characterized solutions.
...there is a business initiative to sell tickets for a pop-star concert somewhere in the city. But the Municipality, with the help of the organizers of the concert, procures a place/places for an advanced meeting of the interested population with the songs and images of the stars, with a dance areas, some drinks and foods, appropriated public transport, adds - all these logistics well monitored, totally free of charges for the participating public. In result, two weeks later all the tickets are sold, the fan-society of the stars has enjoyed an unforgettable moments and everybodyis happy! The Municipality governments strengthen once again its logistics in urban monitoring to synergize the urban energy of its citizens!
by sociosphere November 27, 2013
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a device that is required in order to watch porn.
i fried my monitor after ejaculating all over it while watching porn.
by snorg whore February 12, 2010
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what you're looking at right now.
by pipi October 10, 2003
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An output device used to view what the video card's signal is sending to it.
Nice monitor, dude.
by Apul January 30, 2003
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In sound parlance, any device that allows a performer to hear themselves. Also applies to most all forms of non end user playback.

On stage, the monitors are usually wedge shaped speakers that point toward the performers. They are mixed to provide the sound that is not present on stage, usually vocals, keyboards, and other non amped instruments, although they often reinforce such instruments.

Larger concerts will have a monitor mixer and engineer that is off to the side of the stage with a special multiple bus console which is fed via a stage splitter. Smaller concerts use the auxiliary buses on the main console.

In studio, the monitors are both for performer and producer, the latter often using speakers called studio monitors and the former commonly using headphones. These allow both parties to hear the mix and, most importantly, allow the performer to hear themselves. The studio monitor speakers are used to mix down the performance, and to monitor the performer.

Common types are Stage Monitors, Studio Monitors, In-Ear Monitors, and Isolation Headphones.
"I need more vocal in the monitor"
"The monitors are feeding back!"
by Captain NeatoMan March 17, 2006
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A monitor outputs data visually!!!
by Fattybuoy January 17, 2019
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the box like thing full of pixels it has a bright little glow chances are youre looking at one right now.
A: i need a new monitor
B: can you see what im writing?
A: yes
B: Then whats the problem?
by Briam September 1, 2003
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