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from an urban point of view it concerns a smartly monitored city /governed, orchestrated, urbanized, built and environmentally protected/ to use it's urban energy to generate a synergy characterized solutions.
...there is a business initiative to sell tickets for a pop-star concert somewhere in the city. But the Municipality, with the help of the organizers of the concert, procures a place/places for an advanced meeting of the interested population with the songs and images of the stars, with a dance areas, some drinks and foods, appropriated public transport, adds - all these logistics well monitored, totally free of charges for the participating public. In result, two weeks later all the tickets are sold, the fan-society of the stars has enjoyed an unforgettable moments and everybodyis happy! The Municipality governments strengthen once again its logistics in urban monitoring to synergize the urban energy of its citizens!
by sociosphere November 27, 2013
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