It means "weed"
Yo you got any wizzle ? word !
by pogue666 July 24, 2009
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To urinate whilst fighting back an alcohol-induced malaise.
I wizzled more on my shoe than in the urinal.
by John Steinbeck March 28, 2003
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It means white person, it is a part of the izzle dailect, in which you take the first letter and add izzle, in which most are like this.
He is a wizzle.
That Nikhil kid, he is such a wizzle.
by Bally March 12, 2005
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instead of nizzle for a black person use wizzle for a white person
fo shizzle ma wizzle
by pimped out January 11, 2003
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someone with an abnormally large head, who carries a terrible stench where ever they go and could be described as 'walking filth'.
'you remind me of wizzle.'
'that garbage looks and smells like wizzle.'
by lotrr October 17, 2007
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Bald 32 year olds who used to look like Slim Shady
Wizzle just bought the new Maroon 5 CD
by pg234 December 24, 2009
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