An excellent concept, but poor contributions. Nobody honestly gives a shit about your dumbass chatroom acronyms. Wtf u r? STFU.<---Yeah, I can type the alphabet too, with all the letters in order. Then all the fucking sex definitions don't need to be there. Most of the sex definitions were written by horny 6th graders who masturbate to eachother's yearbook pictures. Fuck them.
UrbanDictionary. Define your sex.
Wtf? u n00bs stfu b/c i'm a lwlfe querr

Need I say more?

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A dotcom blog where correct spelling is optional, even while calling others stupidddd.
Someone who has risen to the position of President of the United States of America called stupid by people that can't spell.
by r March 11, 2005
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The perfect place to find perverts putting sexual definitions on non-sexual terms.
Searched up "red baron" on urbandictionary, and I got weird shit related to sex and girls' periods. I hate this place.
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A once fantastic place where one could find the definition for that slang word that they pretended to know the meaning of earlier in the day.

But supposedly goodness is really just perverted evil, right?

The NEW Urbandictionary:

1. Annoying politics.

2. A place that has about as much "urban slang" as MTV has music, due to its slant towards a virtual internet debate about pointless crap.

3. A place where people rant about the war or slam Bush, while making their arguments weak with spelling mistakes and frivolous social references and stereotypes.

4. A display of the editors' bias for their own beliefs.

5. Proof of how closed-minded liberals can actually be.

6. Where immature douchebags have turned about 70% of the entries into crude sexual metaphors.

7. A haven for people "too cool" for conformity and want to shove it in the readers' faces.

8. Where idiots who only hear what they want to believe publish entries that others want to believe.

9. A disheartening reminder that this is the new generation of America.
Guy 1: "Hey, I dropped out of college, and I want to smoke pot and pursue a career in ROCK!!!"

Guy 2: "Cool! I didn't try in high school and now I live in my mom's basement and watch TV all day! Let's go to urbandictionary and talk about how much the government SUCKS!!!"

Guy 1: "I agree, today's culture has educated me through indie-rock music lyrics. Urbandictionary would be a great place to spread all of the insightful knowledge I've aquired."

Guy 2: "Yeah! I'm up for it night after night, sitting in your shitty apartment, educating young minds about how incredulously fulfilling my life is. I'm glad urbandictionary is a place where I can sound smart, as if I might never get the chance to share my thoughts with a real person!"
by cman08 January 29, 2008
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A website that has started as a briliant slang dictionary, but has just become the breeding ground for newbies who think it's a message board. It is now also used to define names, which isn't allowed, and to make fun of people.
urbandictionary used to be cool, but idiots messed it up.
by Mike February 7, 2005
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A place where mostly a bunch of low life losers and dickheads who have nothing better to do with their time write up definitions of words that end up being mostly racist or sexist in nature. They do this to take out their frustrations and also because they like to believe they are funny and think their insulting definitions show they are better than anyone else who may be slightly different from them or simply because they are ignorant fuckers who show off their lack of intelligence. What these people don't realize is that they are showing off to the world they are a bunch of brainless dickwads who need to get a real life with real meaning rather than spending countless hours trying to think of the most insulting definitions they can. These people should congratulate themselves for proudly showing off they are better than the people they target for insult and ridicule since they obviously feel they need to prove to themselves and others they are better because deep down they believe themselves to be worthless scum, the load their mothers should havs swallowed instead.
Urbandictionary has been overrun by maggot brained losers.
by johno4562 September 14, 2011
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The only place on the internet where any word is a euphemism for sexual activities.
Try it; search for some random words or phrases and you'll be guaranteed to see what I mean.
dammit, urbandictionary sure is full of perverts
by Dogaahs November 8, 2017
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