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For when you just gotta know what it was that black guy said to you today... Urbandictionary.com
Gangsta: Yo, G-dog. What the hizzle is up wizzle tha urbandictionizzle? It's mellow scrill yo!
White guy: WTF?
Urbandictionary.com: DEFINITION: Hello, my friend. What is up with urbandictionary.com? I think its great!
White guy: Oh.
by Mike Somename November 25, 2004
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She was supposed to learn AutoCAD so she could teach it this year, but she never did. Now she sits at her desk the whole perod not helping anyone, just marking assigments from her other classes. Richard and Mike do ALL the work. She pays no attention the whole period and then has the gall to get up at the end and say "Man, these kids are driving me crazy!"
Drapek: "Man, aren't these kids bad, Richard and Mike?"
Mike: "STFU retard, I could kick you ass at CAD and you know it."
Richard:*uncontrollable laughter*
by Mike Somename November 19, 2004
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The most gay ass story EVER!!! It makes no sense at all and yet you still have to write an essay on it for writer's craft. It was written by Matt Cohen and I dare you to find out anything about it on the internet.
Mike - "Hey Greg, what the fuck is up with this gay ass story???"
Greg - "I don't know, Mike. I think he... teaches his cat to juggle and pushes his wife out a window...."
Mike "WTF."
by Mike Somename November 17, 2004
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A round little asshole who doesn't do anything for you, but wants you to do everything for him. He also will give your starburst away without your permission.
Ryan: "Why is grade 9 the only year stravato doesn't teach?"
Mike: "I dunno"
Ryan: "Cause that's the only year you learn anything!! SNAP!"
by Mike Somename November 19, 2004
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