It's like a dictionary, only that things are bashed, than described.
Describing a thing on

1. mark it as gay
2. get personal
3. use stereotypes
4. use 10 times the word "pretentious"
5. say that people who are common with this are the biggest shit of mankind, killers of seal babies and the cause of your sexual frustration
6. pretend to be individual and type the same stuff, that every other basher said about the described thing
7. send it to UD
by _fraek November 8, 2009
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A place where little pre teens look up words beccause they want to look hip and know what every slang word means.
Rob: You're such a poseur, you fake punk rocker.
Rob: Douche bag...
Tiff: NUH UH!! -runs off to check urban dictionary for definition on Douche bag, and indeed realizes she is one.-
by manthurr. May 1, 2005
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you're on it, dumbass.
the fact that you urbaned urbandictionary is just sad.
by Numberonejrio August 28, 2008
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Urban Dictionary is an online dictionary whose definitions are contributed by users. Most words featured on Urban Dictionary are slang, particularly ambiguous slang. A paper version of the dictionary has been published in 2005.
online definitions by authors at urbandictionary
by P. redeckis May 28, 2006
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by Nodise September 29, 2021
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a weird site filled with weird people, weird words, weird meanings and weird shit
did you see that weird shit on urbandictionary?
by divine hamester September 11, 2018
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