A result of an unintentional bowel movement. A single pebble of feces resembling the texture of popcorn shrimp.
While getting blown I accidentally bounced an ump off her chin.
by Joey Provalone January 25, 2003
Unidentified Meat Product. Extra meat on the vagina.
Connie has a large ump.
by Drewskizzy November 30, 2006
A geeker or fiend,anybody tryin to buy white mostly used in south ohio
"whaddup ump?"
by Keenan October 12, 2003
Someone or something smelling bad/strong.

Can be used by itself or in conjunction with the cause of the smell.

Widely used in the Valley's of South Wales
1) He was umping!
2) I am umping of garlic.
by Toxfrost April 2, 2016
To be very angry at someone or something!
''Don't talk to me, ive got the ump with you''
by CCCFund December 4, 2009
:Adjective-When Applied to a girl, it means Sexy or Hot. When applied to anything else means tight or cool

:Verb- to have sexual intercourse or sex

It all started when one man said that when he was listening to Techno one day, umpsa umpsa umpsa umpsa. He thought about having sex. It evolved from there...
Ex 1
That girl is umps.
Ex 2
Person A: How was the party
Person B: It was Umps
Person A: Umps Umps
Ex 3
I am def. tryin to umps her!
by Brandon SSK Murtagh October 29, 2004
Shortened form of 'umpire' used by baseball players, managers, and anyone connected with the game.
Fans don't call umpires 'umps'- they usually use more offensive names.
by Diggity Monkeez January 15, 2005