when your dick is small and looks like a popcorn shrimp
The kid got drunk and passed out with his popcorn shrimp hanging out
by slicka chris June 7, 2007
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A tiny penis with an erection that resembles an upward curled popcorn shrimp.
Dave was full on popcorn shrimp for the new Halo game, months before it's release.
by Wizard Toast October 12, 2010
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when you have severe diareah and it comes out looking like muddy popcorn shrimp.
"omg dude i total just hatched a muddy popcorn shrimp after eating kfc!"
by totalbastardguy March 4, 2010
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An action used to break the tension in a serious conversation. Usually occurring when one eats too much Popcorn Shrimp and uncontrollable gas follows.
"That Popcorn Shrimp Fart had perfect timing" or "The only thing that got me through Requiem for a Dream was that Popcorn Shrimp Fart" but mostly "Whenever I am in the same room with Kanye West I suffer from Popcorn Shrimp Farts" (PCSF for short).
by American13eauty07 November 27, 2010
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