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short for the best beer ever Natural Ice
lets get some natties
by keenan December 01, 2003

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A drinking game consisting of 2 polls with empty beers on top and a Frisbee. Each team must hit the other teams can off there stick to score points and make the other team drink.
Man I got so shitfaced when we played beersbie on the beach yesterday.
by Keenan July 10, 2008

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muslim hat, seen worn by Nas, Az
by Keenan October 11, 2003

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same def. as, punk, faggot, bitch
first heard by a crackhead in Cincinnati
"You boda soda ass nigga, gon' give me my money"
by Keenan October 12, 2003

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when your mad, instead of saying mother f***er you say fricka-fracka
"get on the fricka-fracka bus you litlle fricka-frackas!"
by keenan April 07, 2004

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To not use a condom
"Nigga did you smash dat, she got da wet i had to go bucket naked head
by KEENAN September 30, 2003

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convertable coupe or old school chevy
"i can tell she a bopper she can't look at me straight without stairin at my dropper"
by KEENAN September 30, 2003

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