What people with immense amounts of swagger say when greeting people.
Guy: Whaddup

Girl: Oh my god he's got so much swagger *melts*
by Swagger is a way of life May 30, 2011
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A mis-spoken version of "word up!" It is used to confirm or affirm something said in another sentence. Like approving of something another has said. Originated in Greenwich, CT by none other than Mr. Edward Larkin. It is now commonly used by Greenwich kids and laxers alike.
bro, im gonna go get some pork shu mai
by fishpig1 May 22, 2011
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another way of saying what's up, typically used in the Detroit area.
Hey, when you see him, tell him I said "Whaddup doe!"
by wildfire98 April 6, 2010
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1.used in song "whaddup bum" by the greatest rapper ever to come out of ohio- Chip The Ripper,
to say hello my dear friend what is up?

2. What the fucks up bro?
Slab niggas make the hoes go dumb gettin hella change so we call eachother bum.

I said whaddup bum to my nigga cudi
by anrkyintheUK017 March 4, 2010
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a form of greeting used to address somebody

similar to "Hello friend."
The door opened and to my amazement it was Ellis.

"Yo, whaddup crack? How ya been, mate?" Ellis quickly asked.
by cjracer20 February 25, 2009
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Hello or wassup; originated from the phrase, "Whaddup Doh" which is also used as a form of greeting.
by dj_x_squizit October 18, 2004
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