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a crack addict with the characteristically fast walk and glazed eyes.
Joey: look at that geeker bitch all zoned out, she needs help.
Marcus: no, she needs to come over here and give me fellatio for $15
by Meta4.ce August 04, 2004
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Someone who snitches or overreacts particularly when regaurding illegal activities
Bro we can't smoke here the people here are geekers

We can't trust these people they're geekers
by MacaroniAndDeeznuts September 16, 2017
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A group of straight up G's who smokes/sells and geeks like monkeys.
"Nigga! Hit this blunt. Geek, geek, geek."
"Bra, you ain't in the Geekers."
by Vankyfolife May 07, 2009
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a couple who is high off the ganja and likes to make out in elevators.
baby, we're such geekers but I love making out with you in this elevator, even with the camera there!
by lindsay b August 21, 2007
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