"Did you see that twit driver speeding through the school zone?!"
by illused June 10, 2015
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something that you call someone who is anoying or a complete asshole
man that guy over there is sucha a F***ing twit
by FreedomMrtn March 1, 2009
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n. someone who is a pompous idiot
I really don't see why that woman doesn't get off welfare, hire a Nanny, and get a job. I mean McDonalds is always hiring.

Shut-up you twit!
by anonymous July 11, 2004
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"What is a twit?"
"A pregnant goldfish!"
-Anthony Wilde
by wilde February 11, 2014
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A moron with absolutely no sense.
See also Dan Arel
Dan Arel is a twit
by Funnydude2207 April 9, 2017
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That twit, Tisharra, is constantly on Twitter!
by sammyman October 13, 2009
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